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Call an UBER!

Toms River DWI Image

According to this Asbury Park Press report, Monmouth and Ocean County residents can expect “ramped up” DWI security checkpoints across the respective counties as well as aggressive police patrol on the lookout for erratic or distracted drivers.

These aggressive measures will be taken in response to ten fatal accidents statewide over Thanksgiving weekend one year ago, including two in Monmouth County. Seven of the ten involved drugs, alcohol or both. Each stationary DUI checkpoint will include two Drug Recognition Experts (DREs). DREs are trained in the identification of drivers who are operating while under the influence of narcotics.

In Ocean County, the areas of Seaside Heights and Toms River can expect the heaviest volume of DWI checkpoints, but the alert is county and statewide.

Toms River processes the highest volume of Driving While Intoxicated charges in Ocean County. Penalties are severe and include loss of license, mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, and steep fines and surcharges. Additional penalties may include incarceration and installation of an ignition interlock device.

Hopefully this holiday weekend will be safer than last year. Be safe and smart – even when you stay at the bar too late trying to convince the girl you liked in high school that you are really cool and successful now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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