Are you or a loved one facing criminal, DUI, or serious traffic charges in Barnegat Light on Long Beach Island? If so, thank you for visiting McGuckin Law. Our law firm is exclusively devoted to the criminal and DWI defense of people like you who are face prosecution in Barnegat Light Municipal Court or Ocean County Superior Court. Our professional focus includes:

• Drug Crimes
• DWI and Refusal
• Assault Charges
• Theft Charges
• Disorderly Conduct
• Domestic Violence
• Traffic Matters
• Juvenile Crimes

You are probably confused and anxious while awaiting your scheduled court appearance. Remain calm and be proactive. An experienced criminal and DUI defense attorney can be the difference in your case. McGuckin Law provides attentive and tough defense for our clients. Barnegat Light Police and New Jersey State Troopers actively patrol the town for crime and the State aggressively prosecutes Driving While Intoxicated, Marijuana Possession, and other criminal charges. Call our local office today for a free consultation with an experienced Ocean County Defense Lawyer at 732.924.4200.

Barnegat Light DWI Attorney

If you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated or Refusal or in Barnegat Light, McGuckin Law is here to help. Right now you are facing various penalties that include:
• loss of driving privileges,
• steep fines,
• drug and alcohol counseling
• possibility of incarceration
• installation of an ignition interlock device
• community service

A New Jersey DWI is a serious matter. If you have been charged with Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test, a second or subsequent DUI offense, or DWI in a School Zone, then you are facing even more significant penalties. You should know that the State of New Jersey prohibits plea-bargaining and does not allow provisional licenses in the event of a conviction. As a result, the best defense is a great offense.

We will attack the State’s case against you from the initial traffic stop to the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests to your breath sample provided to the Alcotest 7110 machine. For more information on how to beat your DUI visit our Ocean County DWI Practice Center or call our office anytime for a free consultation at 732.924.4200.

Barnegat Light Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Drug Crimes are very common in Barnegat and the surrounding towns. De- criminalization of marijuana around the country, ease and access to prescription drugs, and the current Heroin Epidemic are all contributing factors to a constant flow of drug-related arrests.

McGuckin Law works with clients who have been arrested in Barnegat for Heroin Possession, Possession of Prescription Drugs With Intent to Distribute, Drug Paraphernalia, CDS in a Motor Vehicle, and all other drug crimes. It is important to know your rights and your options if you are facing a drug case. We will attain the facts and fight any search and seizure violations to beat or downgrade your case. Additionally, we will work toward a diversionary program such as Pre-Trial Interventional or Conditional Discharge. For more information please visit our Ocean County Drug Crime Practice Center.

Barnegat Light NJ Simple Assault Attorney

If you are facing a simple assault charge in Barnegat or a related charge such as Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence, Terroristic Threats, Harassment, or Stalking, then you are looking at potential incarceration, probation, a criminal record, and steep fines. McGuckin Law will aggressively fight the charges while proactively working with the prosecutor to secure a downgrade, dismissal, or acceptance into a diversionary program such as Mental Health Diversionary Program, Veteran’s Diversionary Program, Conditional Dismissal, or Pre-Trial Intervention. Often we ask our clients to be proactive as well and enter an anger management program to demonstrate modified behavior and achieve the best possible result. For more information on how we can assist you with your Barnegat Light Assault or related charge, call us today or visit out Assault and Threat Practice Center.

Barnegat Light Theft Attorney

Barnegat Light prosecutes hundreds of theft and fraud charges each year. Due to a large and growing retail presence in town, shoplifting arrests are on the rise. Other types of theft and fraud related cases include Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Theft by Deception, and Passing Bad Checks. Theft charges are serious and can be indictable offenses depending upon a number of factors such as value of the goods or the amount of money involved, use of force or threat, and other circumstances. McGuckin Law has successfully handled a wide array of Ocean County theft offenses and will aggressively challenge the State’s ability to prove your case while working with the prosecution to get your matter dismissed or downgraded.

Barnegat Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Disorderly Conduct is a common “catch-all” charge that officers issue for a wide variety of behaviors. In Long Beach Island and surrounding towns, these can include domestic disturbances, bar fights, and otherwise loud or obnoxious behavior. Disorderly Conduct often accompanies other charges such as Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Obstruction. As you might imagine, Jersey Shore towns see a major increase in Disorderly Conduct charges during the summer months. If you are facing Disorderly Conduct in Barnegat Light, understand that you are exposed to a criminal record, $1000 in fines, and even potential incarceration. McGuckin Law is here to help. Feel free to call us at the number above for a free consultation.

Barnegat Light Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic Violence charges typically occur between individuals involved in a married or dating relationship. Common charges, they often accompany Simple Assault charges and the issuance of Temporary Restraining Orders between the parties involved.

Domestic Violence is a serious offense and must be handled proactively. If the alleged victim of domestic violence files a Temporary Restraining Order, than the defendant will have two separate matters to defend. The Domestic Violence charge will be heard in Barnegat Municipal Court or the Criminal Division of Ocean County Superior Court while a Final Restraining Order hearing will be scheduled in the Family Division of Ocean County Superior Court.

Criminal Domestic Violence charges are usually accompanied by one of the following crimes, which are identified as predicate acts for the purpose of the Restraining Order:
• Simple Assault
• Aggravated Assault
• Stalking
• Terroristic Threats
• Harassment

McGuckin Law handles Domestic Violence charges and Restraining Order matters that include Contempt of a Restraining Order and Vacating a Final Restraining Order. For more information please visit our Ocean County Domestic Violence Center or call today for a free consultation.

Barnegat Light Driving While Suspended Attorney

Have you been pulled over for a serious traffic ticket? Is your license suspended because you have accumulated too many points? McGuckin Law expertly handles Barnegat traffic offenses and MVC hearings on behalf of clients facing loss of license, steep fines and surcharges, and even potential incarceration. If you have been pulled over in Barnegat for Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Speeding, Driving While Suspended, Careless Driving, or Reckless Driving please visit our Ocean County Traffic Ticket Center or call today.

Barnegat Light Municipal Court

Judge Frank Salzer presides over Barnegat Light Municipal Court. Court sessions are held on first Monday of each month at 3:00 PM. The court can be reached at 609.494.7336. Make sure that you set aside a large portion of your day for your court appearance. For directions, please refer to the map below.

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