Individuals who have been convicted of crimes in New Jersey unfortunately realize, over time, that the affects of criminal convictions are long lasting. While your arrest, conviction, jail term or probation may have taken place years or decades ago, you are still struggling with the consequences of a criminal record – inability to land a great job, difficulties getting into school or attain professional licensure, and a number of other complications. Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

NJ Expungement Attorney

New Jersey has recently amended its expungement laws to benefit more individuals with convictions on their criminal records. Not all criminal offenses can be expunged. It is vital that you consult with an attorney who will outline your chances of success before you spend time, money, and effort for a failed expungement application. For eligible clients, McGuckin Law assists clients looking to expunge:

  • Arrest Records (Not Resulting in Conviction)
  • Municipal Ordinance Violations
  • Disorderly Persons Offense Convictions (Misdemeanors)
  • Indictable Offense (Felony)
  • Limited Drug Distribution Offenses
  • Drug Offenses Committed by Young Offenders (Under 21)

If you are suffering the consequences of a mistake you made a long time ago, then McGuckin Law is here to help you get your life back on track. We represent people who are looking to expunge crimes originating in Ocean County, New Jersey towns such as Toms River, Brick Township, Lakewood, Stafford, Seaside Heights, Lacey, and Barnegat. Call 732.924.4200 today to speak with an experienced Ocean County and New Jersey expungement attorney.

How to Get a Record Expunged

There are various types of convictions, arrests, and other unique circumstances that resut in expungement eligibility. For example, in the case of a juvenile offender, the record will be sealed upon reaching adulthood. In other cases involving adults, the waiting period ranges from immediate expungement of all dismissals to six months following the completion of a diversionary program, to three years following the final resolution of a disorderly persons conviction, to five years following the final resolution of a conviction of an indictable offense. Multiple convictions can complicate your expungement eligibility. It is necessary to secure all records and get all the facts so that your attorney can determine your eligibility accurately.

Once it is determined that you are eligible, the expungement process begins. First, it is necessary to request all pertinent documentation from the necessary Courts and government offices. Then, our office will prepare the petition and send information out to the necessary parties. The proper application and certifications must be completed and submitted to several New Jersey government departments and organizations. The time to complete an expungement is unpredictable as so many government entities are involved. That is why it is vital that you get it done right the first time. McGuckin law has a deep understanding of the expungement process and will take the time to go over your criminal history in detail. For a free consultation to discuss your chances of successfully expunging your record, call McGuckin Law today at 732.924.4200.

Toms River Expungement Attorney

Once the process has been completed and your expungement has been granted, you will have the ability to claim that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime. This will benefit applications for jobs, scholarships, education, licensing, etc. With very limited exceptions, your official background will come up clean and others will not be able to view your criminal history. Unfortunately, there are many private background check websites that may still carry your information. This is because an expungement eliminates criminal history from government databases but not private companies. Once the expungement is granted, you can contact private companies to inform them that your record has been successfully expunged.

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Our expungement consultations are always free and always informative. We will determine your eligibility and your options and work hard to help you leave the past in the past. Call today at 732.924.4200.