If you are facing criminal charges, a DWI arrest, or a serious traffic ticket, then you are making a good decision by researching attorneys to defend your case and protect your rights. Remember, however, that your work should not end when you sign the retainer agreement. At McGuckin Law, we welcome your input, assistance, and teamwork.

You Can Help Us Defend Your Case

You would be surprised to find out just how vital your cooperation, personal evidence, and proactive diligence are to helping us achieve the best possible outcome. It is our experience that clients who treat our representation as a team effort achieve better results.

YOU are the one facing charges.

YOU were arrested.

YOU were there. We weren’t.

YOU are the single most important witness in your case.

Because YOU are so vital to the outcome of your case, we will ask you to be as precise as possible in detailing the events leading to your charges. Keep any and all text messages, receipts, medications, or any other scrap of evidence pertinent to your case. Essentially, we need your side of the story before we even receive the State’s side of the story. The State will rely on officer observations, statements made, and other investigatory information. Once we receive discovery we will compare notes and gain an understanding of areas in which we can attack the State’s case as well as areas that may pose obstacles for our defense strategy. This confidential meeting between you and us is an important step toward achieving a successful outcome.

The Importance of Treatment, Rehab, and Counseling

Treatment is another area of great importance where clients truly help us to achieve the best possible outcome for their cases. If you are facing drug, alcohol, or assault crimes; have a mental health condition; or hold veteran status, your best chance for the best result may lie in your willingness to enter a treatment facility.

It is our experience that clients who enter in-patient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, anger management classes, or psychiatric counseling receive better results. This is because those proactive clients beat the prosecution and the Court at its own game. By demonstrating an appropriate level of remorse and the need for behavior modification, the State will often seek to impose less harsh penalties.

One common question we get in regard to undergoing treatment at the outset of a case is whether such treatment would be viewed as an admission of guilt. It is a good question, but the answer is NO. Rather, treatment simply shows all parties involved that the defendant is taking the charges seriously and would be very unlikely to engage in the same sort of behavior in the future. Furthermore, alleged victims are often assuaged when the defendant engages in treatment or therapy.

We Will Fight Your Case Together

As you can see, there is much to gain by being a proactive defendant. When you hire us, you become part of our team. This team has one goal – the best result for YOU. Call 732.924.4200 to find out how we can take proactive steps to protect your rights and secure your future.